We are a leader in Primary and Secondary Medicaid Eligibility Services for medical providers, generating cash revenue for uninsured patients who would otherwise fall into a charity or bad debt category.


We combine a dynamic workflow with advanced technology and Patient Advocates to achieve optimal screening and conversion rates for our clients.

We create bold wins for health systems by augmenting their capacity to meet community healthcare needs.

Bolder Outreach SolutionsPATIENT ADVOCATES

Patient Advocates connect with each patient and guide them through the complex Medicaid and Supplementation Security Income application process.

Bolder Outreach SolutionsKNOWLEDGE

The Bolder Outreach Solutions team has decades of experience serving as an advocacy partner to medical providers.

Bolder Outreach SolutionsCOMMUNITY

Hospitals play an important role in the communities that they serve. Our advocacy services are designed to help those community members who are in most need.


Our mission is to obtain reimbursement from this labor-intensive payer class that most in-house staff cannot economically achieve. Therefore, our on-site Patient Advocates are stationed at hospitals’ designated access points to ensure that screening and discovery process is completed while the patient is at the facility.