Creating Bold Wins.

Our methodology assists in countering the rising financial negative impact of uncompensated healthcare accounts.

We strive to exceed the Medicaid reimbursement expectations of our clients by maximizing the utilization of Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income and other government assistance programs.

Patient Advocates are stationed at hospitals designated access points to ensure we can complete our screening and discovery process while the patient is at your facility. Our Patient Advocates conduct point of entry and bedside interviews of your uninsured and underinsured patients to determine if they categorically link to government assistance programs.

Patient Advocates are compassionate individuals who truly enjoy assisting uninsured patients through the application process. Our Patient Advocates will complete applications, gather medical evidence, solicit physician statements, and obtain any other documentation required for enrollment determination.

The Bolder Outreach Solutions team has decades of experience serving as an advocacy partner to medical providers with established relationships, a proven track record and a comprehensive understanding of the revenue cycle.

Our company is ready to commit our experience and resources to ensure that provider uninsured populations are dealt with in a “Bold” professional, revenue-producing and cost-efficient manner.

Bolder Outreach Solutions is committed to creating a positive patient experience for every uninsured patient. All of our “Bold” team members understand the community influence that affects patient relations. At Bolder Outreach Solutions we mirror the mission and values of the hospital, while applying professional advocacy management and processing techniques.